01 Our concentration-span is shorter than that of the previous generation. [Raw-unedited][work-in-progress]

“I would categorise that as a disease because all the great work comes out of the concentration in some form or another”

The world is bettering, yet this disease is what makes things go to a minimum. To go bigger one need to strive both as individual, group, community, country and race. (I can only see this going up and increasing).

This ties well with the WIAN(what is actually needed) construct from Alan Kay and requires we fund people who can concentrate for a long time in things which are not packaged constructs or products. Aka, designing not photoshop, drawing not sketch pad, programming - not using Mac, IDE, and other minimal constructs.

I guess a requirement must be they concentrate because they want, they are looking for something which can be considered a considerable stretch and is already doing it.

The divergence of paths happened quite a while ago and has been (entirely unnoticed) consolidating as a trend for the last 20 or so years minimum. (depending on the community)

Problems are:

  • We don’t have a language to think well. Nor to express our ideas fully. Less so design as opposed to a language to engage both hemispheres of the brain. 🧠

  • We don’t have anything to convey structure (this post has not been thought linearly, yet you miss that part of the context because you read it linearly - yet it makes a huge difference.)

(+ we missing context most of the time.)

This is not to discard what we have because it’s proven to work, and the proof is in the pudding. Yet we need something familiar but more potent than the current language.

Mostly everyone has kept on pressing for small steps, small iterations, over breaking changes towards progress. That’s all good and well but way below WIAN. Small progressive steps are unlikely to get to breakthroughs.

There was a time everything was possible, and we looked at the future as something incredible - we were very optimistic back in the 60s. Now we are anal pessimistic.

Another big problem is to describe the same I did here on words by design/drawing is very difficult. We should take the time and put the effort to get better at this so we can think better 🤔 💭. Emojis, for example, are a great thing - how can we have more of them and move this to the next level.

This so will be a useful invention and not only innovation and welcome anyone brilliant to work with me on this.

Btw- I’m pruning the word posts referring to a text from my vocabulary. (I know I used it in the text, and deliberately haven’t removed it.)

Att: these final points give you a hint of how I think. ( more specifically, There must be some double meta-thinking going on all the time. )