The primary goal of this section is not for you to read but for me to remember. If this helps you find something/someone interesting so much the better.

Why don’t I bookmark or use an rss reader? Bookmarks fail quite badly and get mixed with work stuff and different interests (from the future and from the past so you need to do lots of housekeeping) which defies the purpose of it. (Now you can go and create a bookmarking system that works and I’ll be eternally grateful.)

On the other hand, rss readers (unless you’re very minimalistic and only subscribe to a couple pages) gets clogged fairly quickly and usually they are indexed by most recent which means if one of the people you follow gets too excited and starts writing non-stop, he will effectively be shadowing other people’s stuffs. Obviously, not a perfect solution. (I know you can fine-tune the behavior but I want to think not do housekeeping.)

So if you have a better idea on this and want to share it with, you can email me at isaac [at] mammbo [dot] com.

Without further ado: