Today I came to find this and this article about the improvement of venipuncture. The biggest takeaway of these articles is venipuncture is unproperly done so we did X to solve the problem of patient discomfort.

But I argue the approach is wrong and here “Mother nature” still has an edge on us.

A mosquitto is able to puncture our skin suck out blood and leave without us even noticing. The post effects are not good as you get a red spot and some swallowing and sometimes itchyness.

However, given the fact the mosquitto is not injecting anything for our comfort I find pretty remarkable our methods are not able to mimick those of a mosquitto when venipuncturing someone without the side effects.

I think the idea here will be to get better than that and to use the mosquitto as the yardstick for how well we are doing.

[More coming here as more ideas develop]

* First Image copyright is to Rutgers University. Second image copyright is to Vastavamtv.