This year I’m not going to adhere to automatic daytime savings.

I’ve been trying to do this for long time but had postponed multiple times because for one governments were talking about abolishing it.

And so, I believed. However, still as of now this hasn’t happened.

The health effects in humans to do the time savings schedule are well know (hint: all bad, nothing good), no real economical benefit, and on top of it the disorientation that lasts for 1-2 weeks because of that.

You see, I’m all about trying things out, but also to throw out what doesn’t work. This is a clear example of the later.

Update circa 24th November 2021 - failed.

The reason this [contrarian idea] failed is not very compelling nor has a clear reason other than disorientation. Disorientation mainly caused by Apple devices changing the time clocks (not nice Apple! but Apple is well known to do this kind of s**t e.g. decide when you’re driving for you). The other is some services (e.g. ebay) don’t work because of the checking between your system and the current time from your connection. This surely can be circumvented with a DNS but not so easy with mobile (despite using

Finally, mostly this failed because of lack of time and focus to put into fixing the above, so the cost-benefit was higher than just shifting. This wouldn’t be the case however if I was older as it’s well know the effects [of the time shift] can have really bad effects on the health of older adults.