Driving test

Driving test. Image Source - Copyright to the Guardin

The need for a test which heppens in seconds instead of hours of days, which detects if a person currently (right now) has COVID19 or is a bearer of the illnesss and therefore a vector to spread it…is priority number 1.

We have seen significant advances on that side of things - but they are not enough.

So after seeing the documentary produced by the bbc two horizon - coronavirus especial. I got the idea to do a test which can be applied and get the results in 1 minute. The idea is to get the testers in drive-thru NHS and similar facilities equipped with this augmentation means so we can know who should come in the hospital and who should not.

The goal is to produce that piece of equipment but still keep false positives very low and false negatives close to 0 (here lies the challenge).

Let’s see where this unexplored avenue takes us.


As of today the UK has funded a company to provide in-situ tests in 20 minutes. This is a great first step but we are still light years of from what’s needed - an instantaneous response which can be applied by a med on a