I have mixed feelings everytime I ready a title about “XYZ Lessons learned” or “Lessons Learned on XYZ”.

Mostly because whatever it refers to (1) it usually means it has failed (to which, rude or not, I don’t care and therefore I don’t want to read - there are too many reasons why something might fail so not particularly interesting), (2) there might be some pieces of content which are useful (and might spark ideas) but (3) will be intertwingled with the main character’s story in a downword spiral where the narrator tells how things went wrong etc, etc. and (4) finally, there might be some reasoning or useful pieces on the farewell, results or whatever you want to call the last three paragraphs.

Sometimes it’s positive and the author tells how it’s succeding - but in my experience of the web, I usually encounter the positive.

Social leverage to gain knowledge is something extremely valuable

This is something I use a lot and which I really value, crowd-learnings so I can bootstrap my way through a topic or experience quickly.

But how much better would it be if you could read a summary, the learnings separately from the story and the story with the learnings? - Myself

It would not be too difficult either. Because you will already have written the main part and the summary and learnings would be easy to extract. Also, this has some benefits like you know, crystalising your learnings - and if you want to come back to these yourself you can always read the learnings quickly. (No need to go through the (painfully struggling?) story again).

This comes out of learning in the open and it’s all good and well. Now if the MO is practicality I would propose to have some sort of structure in there we can all use.

TL;DR      <--- summary
Statement  <--- this is this: This is a lessons learned about xyz adopting this structure
Learnings  <--- lists are great for a reason
Story      <--- narration or whatever style

Also, some people just want to get affectionate support from stragers because people are really caring. I can’t judge anyone’s ulterior motive(s) on why they do things. I’m just advocating for etiquette and usefulness as my guiding principle on the topic.