There is a point where all people who have learned a second language get to. Their grammatic is good, their pronunciation is proper, and their speech is way more than understandable. They can blend in. They can pitch in front of people and convince them they are doing something great. They can present in a conference and make their point with coherence.

Yet, when they want to express themselves “freely”, without thought, sometimes it’s complicated. It certainly is compared to their first language.

And it is for me. I do think I have an excellent commandment of the English language, but I got to a stage where I can’t feel it’s getting any better. And lots of the issues I’m facing with continuing improving it depends on only 1 single thing…words.

The difference between English and my native languages is that I know A TON more words on those. Like at least a thousand more. However, it’s impractical to go and learn those in English (or at least it is to me). I end up forgetting them or not coming on command when I need them, when in the situation.

…And it’s a loooot of words to learn if I’m ever going to express myself as spontaneously as I want to.

So I’ve created Wordly to help me with this during winter break.

Wordly basically allows you to save words you don’t know into a lexicon, and once a week sends you 5 of them with the definition and usage. You’re then instructed (or more likely forced) into using those 5 words as much as you can for a week.

… And yes, you need to shoehorn them to the situation.

I made this for myself and myself only, but some people might find it useful too. I have been trialling it for a while, and it seems to work for me.

If you want to give it a go, you need to register in the web app and download the Chrome extension:

Link to the webapp

Link to the extension

If you give it a go, let me know how that goes. Same if you find any error. Email to contact me is:

isaac [at] mammbo [dot] com

(Watch out! it’s mammbo with two Ms not mambo with one M :) )