I, like many others, enjoy working with complexity - that’s where we thrive.

I, like many others, love to research and find out new stuff, and dig into very deep rabbit holes and follow our own obsessions until we are satiated with information.

I, like many others, have new lines of thought which require research while working on other things.

I, like many others, have ideas while working that we go on and explore.

I, like many others, have social accounts we check.

I, like many others, have multiple email accounts, and we need to check those over the course of the day.

I, like many others, have my finger in the pulse of what is going on. Via reddit, arxiv, and pages where new papers are being published.

All this intellectual activity ends up in this:

Tab hoarding

What minimal tab hoarding looks like

This has been going on for loooong time. Probably for as long as browsers have had tabs.

However, lately, I’ve started to think (and later found out) that so many tabs open are not only not useful but a detriment to my working memory. And more likely not only to mine but to other people’s as well.

So, I’ve created 1Task to keep my tab hoarding, tab memory reference, and such daemons at bay.

1Tab only allows 5 tabs open at any time. And you have to work with that. The unique exceptions to that rule are concentration/music tabs. Like I, many others work with some sort of music on - so it’s fair not to count those in the 5 tabs allowance.

Why 5 tabs? Because from 4 onward you are usually working on two different things. The 5th is kind of a wildcard, a bit of slack for those who like myself need a bit of an indulgence on having one unrelated tab open while working.